Wednesday, April 22, 2009

INBOXication: Prynce


So after talking about rappers from Texas and New York the last couple of days, I'm about to just talk about a dude from my side of town, hell, around the corner actually. Which is something that I don't mind doing.

See, for as long as I could remember East Atlanta and Decatur have kinda been the bastard children of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene. When people think of Atlanta Hip Hop most of what they identify with comes from either the Southside or Westside. Not hating or complaining, just saying.

I remember when I'd go out of town to visit family they'd always ask me if I ever just saw Kriss Kross or Outkast or anyone in the Dungeon Family walking around in the neighborhood. When I'd reply with "no, but I saw Ghetto Mafia at South Dekalb Mall" or "no but me and Kizzy Rock go to the same barber shop" they'd look at me all crazy and befuddled because they had absolutely no idea who I was talking about.

Same thing applies to the last few years as really The Eastside Boys (SMH) are the only cats from my side that really got any worldwide recognition, if that shit even counts. Well, I guess you can count I-20 too, but I mean, I ain't about to sit here and act like folks didn't literally speed past I-20 to get to whatever Luda was talking about.

People slept on Da Backwudz. My nigga Noah never even came out. Baby D locked up in Ohio somewhere. But I can at least say that with B.o.B., Playboy Tre, Yung LA, Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman people are paying attention to rappers from my side of town as of late.

So I say all of that to say, pay attention to this cat named Prynce. Dude is dope as hell to me and I always thought so. Yeah he went to my high school alma mater. Yeah he's from right around the damn corner. But that's not the only reason why, I genuinely like dude's music.

He used to be in this group called Hoodlum a couple years ago. They were signed to Jazze Pha's Shonuff Records. I was hired to write their bio (sup Donald) and really looked forward to their music coming out. All six of them could rap, offered different perspectives and they were very, very conceptual...even to a fault at times. But, I say that's a good problem to have.

Hoodlum put a couple records and a mixtape or two out, but pretty much disappeared. I ran into Prynce a couple times at the QuikTrip on Panola (the same one he namedrops on "Georgia") and when I'd ask him what happened he's just say they was messing with Akon now. So I guess his new mixtape with Greg Street is the first fruit of that relationship. I gave the tape a listen this morning and its pretty good. Granted it has some moments that I could do without, but that's mainly due to him rapping over other people's beats, not because he came with wack verses. As evidenced by "Georgia" and what I said about Hoodlum earlier, Prynce's conceptual game is still on par.


Here's another joint called "Dear Def Jam" where he briefly speaks on what happened over at Shonuff. I for one would like to know what's really good over there? They either let talent slip through their hands or just get bogarded for it. What gives?

"Dear Def Jam"

If you like what you've heard check out the rest and download his mixtape What The Dec Been Missing.

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