Thursday, April 30, 2009

How You Know You're An Obama Groupie

I love it when I can start the morning off with a laugh. The homie Torrance Stephens just wrote a piece over at his spot listing the traits of an Obama groupie. Here they are:

-You accept without question all that the President proposes.

-You argue vehemently with anyone that disagrees with an approach or policy the President proffers even when one has not read the policy for themselves, and worse

-His picture hangs on the wall next to Jesus Christ in the front room of your house.

-You still have a campaign sign or bumper sticker on your car reading Obama Biden.

-It is sacrilegious for any one to criticize a suggested approach offered by the President and that those who do in your eyes, will suffer eternal damnation in hell.

-If someone’s disagrees with a particular policy, you are likely to question their blackness (just because i don't agree with giving banks that are gonna fail billions don't mean i am not as black as thou LOL).

-You feel as if the policies he proposes are written by the president himself, even on Swine flu, health care and economics, when in fact experts other than the president write these positions.

-You get mad and fuss at idiots like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others when we already know that these lames don’t deserve our objective attention for they just plane ole hatters and sore losers (they wouldn't be down with him if he got the GOP a zillion new members).

-You take the time to read the GQ, or Vanity Fair, or Essence magazines cover stories of the first family are in but wont read his budget plain of recovery act.

-Last but not least you will not find this post funny, wont laugh and get mad.

Fortunately, I'm not guilty of any of these. Are you? Which ones?


Anthony David said...

LOVE IT! Ifight the urge to be an Obama groupie everyday.

CoCo said...


What about still wearing Obama paraphernalia???

Kno said...

So I'm supposed to take that sticker off after enduring "W" stickers for 8 years?

Fuck that! Read it and weep, bitches!

southpeezy said...

@ Kno hahahhahahah. ay man you crazy. hahahaha.