Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4-Ize feat. Scar-"Rollin Like A Gee"

I was in the studio with these two a few months ago and heard some of the stuff they were cooking and this seems to be the first piece they're sharing with us. Listening to 4-Ize reminds you that Hip Hop can be silly and fun. Not saying that 4-Ize is a silly guy, dude is a real MC. But, you get what I'm saying. Reminds me of Redman and early-Ludacris.

Speaking of which, there is plenty of Conjure in this video. So much, that I should probably be getting paid or broke off with a bottle just for posting it.

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SeƱor Kaos said...

We breaking cats down with bottles for NOT posting it.


Good looking MG. The world needs more 4-Ize and Scar joints. The Best of Both Worlds minus the Madness. HA.