Monday, August 2, 2010

Freddie Gibbs – “Born 2 Roll” Documentary

Yours Truly's cameras captured Freddie in his essence for this short documentary. Hopefully this can be sort of a ying to the yang that is Freddie's Complex Magazine interview from last week.

Dude always speaks his mind in his raps if you're listening hard enough. Hope people don't just start looking at him as some guy who just goes around calling out other rappers for the hell of it or to get attention, dude speaks on what's really going on out here in these streets and in the hearts of men.

Its kinda like how some media outlets started painting Pimp C, or hell, even 2Pac as some dudes who had nothing else to say but how they felt about somebody else...almost diminishing their contributions to music as a whole. Pac spoke on everything from community organizing to religion, but people only remember him now for calling out Biggie, Nas and Dr. Dre. Pimp was known to expose a bit of vulnerability and display his great talents as a producer on his tracks, but folks only want to remember him for the volatile interviews he gave months before his passing. Freddie is one of the few rappers out today talking about the struggle, but it seems like alot of people just now want to pay more attention to him because he poked fun at DJ Khaled, Rick Ross a couple others.

Not trying to say that Freddie is ONLY going to be looked upon to "call niggas out"...just hoping that it doesn't.

Anyways, check out the Str8 Killa/No Filla mixtape and go out and buy the Str8 Killa EP tomorrow.

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skott said...

i feel what your'e sayin', here, mane, although i secretly really admired freddie for "keeping it real", but some of the comments he made could definately lead him into trouble, and a lack of support in the industry(pissing off jews is never a good idea, ask mel gibson)and
the just blaze comments were unecessary.
i like gibbs as an artist a lot.