Friday, August 13, 2010 In's AIM and FIRE Discussion

Yesterday invited me to take part in their Aim & Fire online chat discussion. The way it works is they invite a bunch of journalist, bloggers, tastemakers, etc into a AIM chat room to talk about the hot rap topic of the day.

Yesterday's topic was this brewing "beef" between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. The timing for it was perfect since Ross dropped his "diss" called "Summer's Mine" and Jeezy dropped his 1000 Grams mixtape earlier that day.

Other people in on the conversation included Bossip editor Janee Bolden, Gyant, Wendy Day,'s Carl Cherry and XXL's Jesse Gissen. I didn't really say as much as the others...doesn't seem like anybody pay attention either. But I was there...calling stuff like this gay and lame like I usually do. When you get a second, peep it for yourself.


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Anonymous said...

Yall tripping on Jeezy during that chat session. Lose My Mind was fucking crazy in da club idk where yall been. It wasn't as big as BMF but that was the song of the summer. Trust folks were bumping that Jeezy TOD2. Jeezy will be just fine...he got 3000 to rap some words on the album and that in itself is an accomplishment.

Not hating on Gucci but I don't see how he stole Jeezy's spot. Gucci's last album didn't really do much on the charts and the new one won't either because that's just how it is nowadays. Too much worry about a buzz just let them drop whenever they feel like it. Ross didn't have a big buzz till a month before the album when Albert Anastacia dropped.

But hell I'm riding Gucci, Ross, and Jeezy so whatever