Tuesday, August 10, 2010

www.MAURICEGARLAND.com On the Scene of SL Jones, Pill and Mike Bigga-"Grind 100 Hustler"

While I was out chilling this past Sunday, SL hit me up and told me him Pill and Killer were shooting a video for the "Grind 100 Hustler" song they just made together. It wasn't out of the way and its always cool to shoot down to Sweet Auburn so I went ahead and went. The video is being shot by the homie FLX and its something that's fitting with the title of the song.

Just captured some moments from the shoot, got some words from the fellas on why they insist on using backdrops like this for their videos and SL (who is from Little Rock) wound up being the only dude on set, in the middle of Atlanta, wearing a A-hat.

This was pretty cool, this is the first time these three cats actually cut a song and video together in a hot minute. Hopefully we'll see more of this.

Shoutout to DJ Trauma who I think was there before I got there.

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Anonymous said...

Great clip, but where can we get that GTRG shirt Killer Mike is rocking?! Did he share details on a full production run?