Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Willie Hen-"In The Hood" (video)

I mean...

"In The Hood" is my favorite song off one of my favorite albums. But yeah, as a fan I'm kinda perplexed. The song is four years old now and the clip itself doesn't really do the song as much justice as it could have, in my opinion. But, Hen's words on this track are so potent and he paints the picture so well verbally that it makes up for it.

The other side of me is happy to see this cat Willie Hen is still being active in a music capacity, because I'd really like to hear some new stuff from him. A birdie whispered in my ear that we could see another The Product album in the future. Whether that future is near or far, I don't know.

But yeah, enjoy this for the time being.

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