Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Behind the Scenes at Big Boi feat. Yelawolf -"You Aint No DJ" videoshoot

Heard these dudes were shooting a video today. Since I stay down the street, figured I'd pop up and see whats good. I don't really know what the video is going to look like in the end. I think they are just focusing on MCing and performing in this one. Nothing too crazy, just a couple moments on camera, that's all.

It was hot as hell outside.

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(FIRST LOOK @) Big Boi feat. Yelawolf - You Ain’t No DJ (Music Video Premiere)

QuantumPeach said...

one of my fave's off this album. I'm lookin forward to seeing Yelawolf deliver his lines..."808 Toomp shit"