Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Willie Joe feat. Playboy Tre and Mistah F.A.B.-"Somewhere (part 2)"

[my XXL Show and Prove on Wille Joe from December 2007]

Willie Joe feat. Playboy Tre and Mistah F.A.B.-"Somewhere (part 2)"

Willie Joe just let this song out on the web and its pretty jamming. Over the years I can say I've dug most of dudes music. And even if you didn't like a particular song, if you saw him perform it, he would win you over. Back in what I like to call the "Showcase Era" of Atlanta (2003-2007) Willie Joe became notorious for ripping stages to the point that folks didn't want to go after him. Hell, ask B.o.B (who's live show has gotten better and is now getting rave reviews) who he got some of his stuff from and he'd tell you he got alot of it from being on the road with and watching Willie Joe back when they were running together. Which explains the Playboy Tre appearance here, which may look random to those who didn't know they go back for some years.

Joe had moved to Atlanta from the Bay back around 2003 and made his presence known on the indie scene, working with Fort Knox and Strong Arm Management at the time. They wound up making a street hit with "Get Em Got Em" around 06-07. Not sure what became of that relationship but eventually WIllie's buzz and talent were recognized and he signed a deal with Shonuff around 07-08. He came out with some hard ass songs including "How We Roll." Unfortunately some mind-changing and industry red tape kept that song from blowing up.

Since that Willie moved back out to the Bay and focused on building his own company Wataboy Entertainment. He may not think so but I listen to damn near everything he tweets me, hahaha, I just don't post all of it. But this joint right here was hard to deny, the shit is jamming. So, if Willie tweets you some of his music, go'head and check it out...its worth it.

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