Thursday, July 16, 2009

Donnis - "Cleremont Lounge" (freestyle)

I can't sit up here and front like I know Donnis' music like the back of my hand, but most of the stuff I've heard from buddy, I've enjoyed. Here's a Motion Family directed clip of his rendition of Bubba Sparxx, Killer Mike and Cool Breeze's classic "Clermont Lounge." Granted, the chick in this video is slightly above the Clermont's standard, but its still a cool looking video. This vid could quite possibly be the last piece of footage to be shot there as both the Clermont Hotel and Lounge are up for foreclosure.

P-word alert for all the ladies out there.


Matt Lange said...

Love it

T-Dub said...

Donnis is like a mythical unicorn because every show I go to where he's on the bill, he's never there. I like his stuff but damn.