Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Jam: Beastie Boys - "Gratitude" x "Pass The Mic" (1992)

Yesterday it was revealed that MCA of the Beastie Boys has just been diagnosed with a form of cancer near his throat, resulting in him having to get surgury to remove it thus cancelling a couple of their upcoming tour dates. Didn't quite get around to posting anything about it yesterday, but I did want to show some love and support by sharing a couple of my favorite Beastie Boys songs.

"Gratitude" has always been one of my favorite songs, period, and with the news of MCA's cancer, the words hit that much harder now. Really, you have to be gracious for the good things going on in your life, everyday, because you never know when things will take a U-Turn. Check after the jump to peep one of my other all-time favs, "Pass The Mic," which also appears on their 1992 album Check Your Head.

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Bayan The One said...

shit, cancer's becoming a plague these days