Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Jam: Jamiroquai - "Manifest Destiny" x "Morning Glory" (1994) and "Everyday" (1996)

Not quite sure of why this song popped up in my head, but it may because of a talk I was having with a friend about CNN's Black In America and Tavis Smiley's America I Am exhibit. We was pretty much talking about the way that Black history is presented in this country and the impact it has on your mind well into adulthood. From the time we're in school, Black history always starts with slavery...

They don't tell you anything about the Moors or that Africa was very much indeed civilized and practicing monarchies of their own. For the most part schools just tell you European slave ships came to the coast bearing shackles, rounded us up and that we've just been fucked up ever since. Kinda like how Chris Rock joked about how in school the only Black person you ever learn about is Martin Luther King.

But yeah, talking about slavery is probably what made Jamiroquai's "Manifest Destiny" pop in my head. I was in 9th grade when The Return of the Space Cowboy came out. They used to play the video for the title track on BET's Video Vibrations all the time. That's the only familiarity I ever had with him at the time. Granted I really liked the video and song, but back in '95 I was all about some Outkast, Goodie Mob, 8Ball & MJG, Spice 1, Wu-Tang, 2Pac and Biggie.

I didn't get put onto the actual album until my freshman or sophomore year in college when I was smoking out with with my big homie Bill. He was playing "Manifest Destiny" and I instantly recognized the beat because it was the same as 2Pac's "Who Do You Believe In," one of my all time favorite Pac songs and quite possibly the strongest track to emerge from that plethora of bootleg Makaveli CDs. It was another Pac song produced by Johnny J by the way.

Of course, I ain't say no dumb, young nigga shit like "THIS THAT 'PAC! Buddy sampled 'Pac." I just sat back and enjoyed the song and relished in the fact that I learned something new that night. As I said before, I was pretty high the first time I heard this song and was just in love with the beat the same way I was with Pac's version. But Bill proceeded to tell me about the song and that Jamiroquai was singing about slavery and how he was ashamed of his forefathers for such an heinous act. I dug the song even more then because it was the first time that I heard such a message in a song, and because Jamiroquai didn't approach it with a "white guilt" angle, because then it would have been corny.

But yeah, I know I kinda went all over the place with this one...just check out the song and enjoy.

While writing this post I started reminding myself of my other Jamiroquai favorites and figured I'd share them in case you hadn't heard them before. Fellas, if you have a nice young lady at the crib and you're trying to "seal the deal" I guarantee if you play this song at night that...yeah. Just let the song do the talking for you player:

"Everyday" (1996)

But you have to follow up with this the following morning:

"Morning Glory" (1994)

Thank me later.


404 said...

You put me on to somethin new. Preciate cha.

Lisa said...

That "Guaranteed" song? Instant pantydropper. And that's comin from a chick.

Lisa said...

My bad, what the eff am I talkin about. I meant that "Everyday" song :)

Bayan The One said...

dreamt about sampling that bass riff myself but then heard it sampled in Pac's joint, it was kinda disappointing LOL