Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goodie Mob Reunion Show Announced - September 19th

Goodie Mob outside The Loft after Bun B's show - August 19, 2008 (photo by Maurice Garland)

The Atlanta Hip Hop Gods have spoken and it is official. Goodie Mob will be having a reunion concert on September 19th at a yet to be named venue. The homie Jabari Graham hit me earlier today to give me the good news. I didn't think to post anything because we was just talking as homeboys, plus, the venue hadn't been announced yet. But shied, my ngh Rodney over at Creative Loafing threw it up, so fugg it, me too!

But yeah, this show as well as some other tricks up my sleeve and the sleeves of other folks I know will undoubtedly bring back the "Atlanta" we all know, love, cherish and miss so much. Keep coming around these parts for all the info you may need on this show as the date nears. Damn I'm excited about this.

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404 said...

Ima be all up n thru that bitch! Wish it could be @ THAT'S SWATS.
Thanks 4 the 411 folk.

SideStreet KED "The Effn GangLeader!!!" said...

Watch "The Effn" Video by SideStreet KED "The Effn GangLeader" of The Dungeon Family
DUNGEONEZE... Do U Speak???