Monday, July 20, 2009

Spree Wilson - "Word"

Take a minute and check out this fresh-ass video from the homie Spree Wilson. One of the more creative vids I've seen in a while. This may sound weird, but this video actually made me smile. I was actually sitting here watching it like, damn, I'm really enjoying this, like I was at Disneyland or someshit. He got a kick out of that when I told him.

He told me that the video was inspired by Jean-Fran├žois Coen's video for "La Tour de Pise" (translation: The Tower of Pisa). Except here, Spree and director Phillip Sportel go all around Atlanta from Ben Hill to Decatur to snatch these images. It came out very, very dope. Hope you enjoy it.

He's currently living in the Big Apple now, so all of my NYC peeps, make sure you look out for him.

Track produced by No I.D.


boi-dan said...

Nigga' need to work on his voice, it's annoying, he sounds neutered at times. I like where he's coming from, but he needs vocal coaching or something, especially if he's going to dress like Six from Blossom.

Spree said...

So says the guy named "boi-dan"..lolol...