Thursday, July 2, 2009

Killer Mike Says:

Folks think I be tripping when I say folks be sleeping on or stealing from my guy Killer Mike. MTV knows whats up though, so they let him speak on what he's been saying for years while your favorite rappers stay aloof of what's really going on.

“I don’t wanna hear none of that bullshit from none of them niggas,” Mike said. “I dropped I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II last year. If you wanna hear hardcore hip-hop, go to the store, go get I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II. You can listen from the first Biggie sample to the last song on the album, ‘Good-Bye,’ it’s hardcore hip-hop. I don’t wanna hear that bullshit, these niggas who got millions of dollars talking about bringing shit back. They ain’t bringing shit back. It’s here — you looking at it."

“Buy me,” he continued. “When that Killer Mike drops, hardcore hip-hop will be back for the second, third time. You know, the same guy that said ‘Rap Is Dead’ three years before Nas said it. I’m here. Fuck with me. Jay dropped ‘D.O.A.’ and everybody went crazy. And I love Jay. A week before that, I dropped ‘Man Up.’ Go listen to that song and go listen to ‘D.O.A.’ ”

Spotted at OnSmash via MTV


boi-dan said...

On the last episode of Juan Epstein they was talking about JZ stealing Buckshot's songs/topics.

But Michael Render...... Pledge 2 came out how long ago?????? Thats like one hot album out of 100. JZ had every right to drop DOA, if albums like Pledge 2 were the norm then you'd have a point.

Mr. Grand said...

I think Nas said it best on the Lost Tapes cd, No Idea's Original. However, some cats do take an underground idea and make it popular. My issue with it is you should give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

I always give props and time to listen to what Killer Mike says - it's a shame dude doesn't get more publicity because he's a clever dude

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Sev DeMy said...

I like Killa Kill from the ville but the nigga kinda just says what sounds good. One interview is talking about how rappers talk too much about what they got and just selling dope and such. Pledge To the Grind 2 is dope but its still the same ole' "my car, my gun and my bitch...I sell dope". Killer Mike can you deny that?

the nigga is articulate but he is still just articulating the dopeboy lifestyle. Now if he is talking the shit he did on "that's life" its a different story...Niggas down south don't like white people, that is not a secret, so him being verbal about it is cool..but not a shock. The difference between Killer Mike and Jay-Z is that Jay-z is introspective and let Killa tell it... he can't do no wrong. That's a gorilla nigga.