Thursday, June 25, 2009

B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray mixtape release party Re-Cap and Photos

Bobby Ray left B.o.B in Decatur and performed at Striver's Row (Jason Geter's new store/clothing line) off of North Highland yesterday at his B.o.B vs Bobby Ray mixtape release party. Quite a few people came out to show support...

Grand Hustle producers Nard & B

Pill & Playboy Tre (yes, a collab was discussed)

Sean Falyon, Sebastian (Motion Family), Pill and Diwang Valdez (Motion Family)

Cory Mo, GLC, TJ Chapman and Big Kuntry King

Overall the night was pretty much what you've come to expect of Atlanta in the summer, hot and muggy. The free Remy, Corona and Heineken did help though. The place got packed quick and fortunately we weren't left waiting for too long as Bobby Ray got up there and started his set quickly.

Everyone including B.o.B and his folks (B.Rich & TJ) know I haven't been the biggest fan of "Bobby Ray." While I'm still partial to B.o.B I can say that I don't mind Bobby Ray as much anymore. My problem with B.o.B singing was that it was sounding like he was doing a Andre 3000 impersonation and that I really enjoyed B.o.B the rapper and felt kinda cheated as a fan that dude was switching up before we even got to know him well. But nowadays it really sounds like he is developing that side and starting to sound like "him." Plus, it sounds good live. Can't front on that. The tunes also attracted random people off the street and into the store as well.

But yeah, it was all about Bobby Ray last night, no B.o.B in sight. I'm assuming that B.o.B is going to be making an appearance at Vice this Saturday for the other mixtape release party.

B.o.B will be shooting a video in Atlanta this weekend. I don't have exact locations yet, but the Motion Family will be shooting it, and you already know how those guys get down. Should be dope.

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