Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yung LA feat. Ricco Barrino-"Futuristic Lovin"

I wrote Yung LA's bio and press release when he inked his Interscope deal and later wrote a NEXT on him for VIBE. When I was interviewing him in the studio, this was the first song he played for me. I ain't gonna lie, I laughed when I first heard it. Hell, he laughed too, he know how silly this shit is, but fugg it, he was having fun. Dude was really selling me on this song in particular even back then though. Breaking down everything from what it means to "Elroy" a chick to explaining what "swavor" is. I'm curious as to what other songs they plan on releasing from his album before it drops. Because the stuff I heard was cool, he told a couple stories and had what he called his "lyrical" songs on there. Far different from the mixtape stuff he's put out. Not saying it was groundbreaking, it was just not as silly.

But yeah, while interviewing him he was telling me how he is the pulse of the future of Atlanta, saying he represents what the kids are on right now. At the time, I thought everything he was doing was all and only him. From that point on though, I'm seeing more and more youngsters walking around looking and rapping like buddy to a degree. I'll let ya'll decide if that's a good or bad thing. I will say this, this video was shot a while ago. LA has since cut off the mohawk and toned down his wardrobe. Hopefully the kids will follow him on that one too.


QuantumPeach said...

I am not too certain about this song. I am a Leland fan though. The Lamborghini Leland mixtape is heavy rotation. I myself like his non-Elroy singy songy voice better. I guess he had something to prove cause he even says that he do "go hard and spit bars"

Now the hair and clothes are TOOOOO much. Glitter and paint and neon clothes? Lookin quite "Lenox-like" LOL Oh well, LAMBO LELAND FTW!!!

'Scender said...

Is Rasheeda getting any points on the album since her flow is being used heavily? :-p