Monday, June 22, 2009

Devin the Dude at Apache Cafe Re-Cap and Photos

HOT AS HELL! Those are pretty much the only words that can describe what it was like sitting inside the Apache Cafe last Friday. I go to the sauna at my gym from time to time and I'm telling you, it had absolutely nothing on the temperature at this show...Man, sitting here trying to talk about it is making me sweat all over again, so I'll stop. But yeah, my folks Shameless Plug are two for two so far with bringing dope acts to Atlanta (they brought down Drake last month for the now infamous Atlanta show that sold out in 5 hours). Devin hasn't been to Atlanta since 2006 and he was long overdue for a performance. Everything about this night (except the heat) was cool as hell.

My man producer/rapperNesby Phips did his thing as the opener and made more than a few new fans this night. If you haven't given his last project The Phipstape a listen, I suggest that you do.

Unlike some openers that will remain nameless for right now, Phips didn't go on stage acting like the crowd owed him anything. He simply went on stage did his music and won the fans over one by one. So much that no one minded when he brought both his brother and another cat on stage to do a few songs. If you want an idea of hos his stuff sounds...think a cat coming straight from the N.O. with a infatuation for both rare samples and MPC's.

Phips & Co. were actually on stage for a good little minute, but like I said, the music was good enough and he was cool enough that he was able to do it with no resistance.

But yeah, if you're on the blogosphere alot you've probably heard some of Phip's work and didn't realize it. He produced Curren$y's "On Top of the Money" as well as some material on Young Money artist Mack Maine's last mixtape.

The Jaspects followed and if you visit this blog often, you already know these guys are great. But shied, I've taken so many pictures of these dudes at shows that I figured I give my camera a little rest during their set. I did catch a little Flip cam footage of them doing their popular rendition of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy."

After Jaspect wrapped up, the lights went low for a few minutes, and then...the dude came out.

Of course he came out smoking literally and figuratively. Like Jacinta Howard pointed out, Devin has amazing breath control to be such a heavy smoker and be able to rap non-stop the way he does. But, weed actually opens up the lungs right? One of ya'll weed experts help me out with that one.

Anyways, Devin has a deep catalog, well at least to me and people who been on his music for a decade-plus. But, he managed to do all the right songs eventhough you knew he prolly didn't do your other favorite song.

Devin performing "Lacville '79"

The night was fun as hell. Devin even hung out after the show and signed autographs and actually chilled with the people outside.

I hate that my camera went out just as he and KB were going into "Show 'Em" because that shit there was entertaining as hell. Anyways, I took some pics the rest of the night. I ain't trying to brag, but I'm kinda proud of these. Let me know what ya'll think.

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Peep the rest of the photos in the galleries. Feel free to borrow, just shout me out brah.


Nesby Phips said...

Man that club felt like performing in a nigga armpit during his 3rd back to back game of full court ballin.

Big Rome said...

Mufukas was in there fallin out and shit. lol

I thought they moved it to Apache Cafe because the other venue didn't have A/C?

mrdixieboy said...

Despite the fact that the bowels of hell had opened and engulfed the Apache Cafe, from top to bottom the night was filled with great performances from Nesby Phips to Jaspects and of course my dude...Devin the Dude put on the performance of a lifetime. That was my first and definitely not the last time I will see him perform, he did every song I was hoping he would do.