Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prynce Cy Hi-"Sweet Georgia" video

Greg Street sent this over to me last night. Its the new video for Prynce's single "Sweet Georgia." If you're a regular around these parts you already know about this song and how I feel about it. Love this damn song. Me and one of my homeboys was talking about this song the other day and how roughly 90% of it sounded like our life story. The thing I noticed a lot about folks that just moved to Atlanta is they think they are having the total Georgia experience, which isn't true, especially now. Not by a long shot...

You're not going to find the freshest peaches, pecans and onions in the city of Atlanta. You have to go to Peach County or Vidalia for that. Hell, I'm confident in saying that you're probably not going to get the best HBCU football experience in the A either. You have to go Fort Valley State's homecoming or hit up Columbus for the Fountain City Classic for that. That's why at times I kinda felt where Pimp C was coming from when he said that "Atlanta is not the South." Of course it is in the South, but when compared to other towns in Georgia or other Southern cities like your Jackson, Mississippi's and Memphis, Tennessee's you get a different feel from the glitzy, celebrity-driven place my city has become over the last few years. Don't get it twisted though, I love my city, we're still the shit. But I'm sure most of ya'll know what I mean. Including the people responsible for this song. Hell, the guitar-driven melody on "Georgia" is the perfect backdrop for Prynce's town-to-town adventures. It would not have sounded right over a beat of the Shawty Redd/Zaytoven/Drumma Boy variety.

But yeah, seeing the QuikTrip on Panola and my old high school in a couple shots was a trip. Kinda reminded me of that scene at the end of "Player's Ball" when they're rolling down Candler and show that Decatur/Atlanta sign in front of the Long John Silvers. Plus that line "you really hate Dekalb when you're locked up in Memorial" is the effin truth. That can go unexplained to people knowing what I'm talking about. Plus, dude name dropping Fort Valley and actually showing footage of him both catching and missing a MARTA bus is great.

What's really a trip though is how some parts of this video tie into the Pill video shots I posted yesterday as they shot this video on Auburn during the Sweet Auburn Fest where not as many hijinks go on.

After paying a little more attention, I'm assuming that this video is going to be tied into Greg Street's x New Era's commUNITY hat line somehow because there are plenty of New Era shots in the video (we see you).

Anyways, hope you enjoy the vid. If you haven't checked out Prynce's What The Dec Been Missing mixtape download it below.

DOWNLOAD: Prynce-What The Dec Been Missing


Big Jay said...

"Coulda went to Southwest but I chose to be a Raider"


We still got the better track team though! lol

DopeAlicious said...

Hello Fellow Raider,

i loved this song from the moment i heard it on the radio. it makes me feel proud to be from here and brings back so many memories. i went to Redan and Georgia Southern, and still don't live far from Redan now. the south is the shit to me. great insight!