Monday, June 15, 2009

Killer Mike feat. Big Kuntry King-"Imma Fool Wit It" (prod. by Nard & B)

DOWNLOAD: Killer Mike feat. Big Kuntry King-"Imma Fool Wit It"

Killer Mike gets on his "Mike Bigga" shit with this one. Its the first single from his Underground Atlanta compilation (Grind Time/SMC) that features everybody from Gucci Mane and OJ to B.o.B. and GripPlyaz. Appropriate summertime in the A music that's sure to get the clubs popping. Probably not what you'd "expect" from Mike but don't get it twisted, he's still rapping his ass off on this one. First time since maybe "My Chrome" we've heard a single like this from Mike and I ain't mad at it. Let's see how the streets respond to this one. Underground Atlanta in stores this summer.

Produced by Nard & B

(UPDATE: I just stumbled across some YouTube footage of Mike and Kuntry in the studio working on the song)


QuantumPeach said...

I soooo foxes wit Killa Mike, for real! I know his album gonna be that fire cause he has NEVER disappointed me in the past.

M said...

i fucks with these two fat guys..i know this sounds cliche, but i would love a full "cocaine rap" album from this duo full of ignorant zone 1 d-boy cocaine flows... with an intro from freddie calhoun.